About Us

What is our Mission?  Perfection in Skincare 

The common misbelief that science and nature cannot work in harmony could not be further from the truth. This is our core belief. Just like Ying and Yang, science and nature in harmony can offer us the best of both worlds. 

Our mission is to create the best skin care products, without compromise. To do this, we combine the beauty of nature with the theory of science. 

Nature provides us with the purest ingredients, developed over thousands of years. Science perfects these, and together they give us products that showcase the best of the natural and research-based worlds. 

We make use of Boston medicine and research combined with elements such as Canadian Rainforest Glacial Clay, Thai herbs and extracts and a USA/ Japanese formulation to produce only the highest quality products. 

MKA by Dr. Kingsley aims to build the perfect foundation for confident clientele, throughout the globe. We want to see our clients comfortable in their own cleaner, healthier, purer skin.

Company Motto

 "Do the right thing”   Simple. Honest. Direct.

A part of our identity is that we are not a big faceless corporation. We are not a collection of suits in glass offices who look only at the profit margin. Our focus is purely on quality. We provide the best quality products for real people who dream of the best skin they can possibly have. No matter who you are, you too can have beautiful, clear, confident skin.

We will provide you with the best product that really delivers results-  without the extra cost or physical discomfort. MKA by Dr. Kingsley creates skincare solutions so that real people can feel confident with who they are, inside and out.

We want you to be as perfect as you can be, without the unrealistic expectations set by the media in our everyday lives. Everywhere you look you see the media emphasizing hype over quality. We are the opposite- we believe in quality over hype. 

How will we help you?

Our products treat a variety of skin conditions, from acne to wrinkles. Some common issues that we treat are:

Anti-Ageing: The revitalizing clay face mask provides calming purity once to twice a week. Follow with the Eye Rescue Serum and the Night Repair Moisturizer to provide proven anti-ageing cream benefits every day.  

Acne and Rashes: No one wants to be seen with acne or rashes in their skin. Use the revitalizing clay mask for acne to draw impurities and tighten pores.  

Deep Moisturizing: Hydration is key to the best anti-ageing skincare as well as promoting plumper, younger-looking skin. Our  Defense Day Cream with SPF-30 promises you maximum moisture thanks to Microbiome Biogenic and Water Lock™ Technology. Protect your lips with Glacial Lip Protector SPF-15, formulated with a special combination of nourishing, jojoba oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and  German Chamomile Extract.

Pollutant Protection: Today's world is full of harmful factors such as free radicals. Protect your skin from UVB and UVA with the defence day cream, and our make up setting spray KissMist Make up Lock Spray SPF-15.

Evening and Brightening: Even skin tone and bright dewy complexion is something we all strive for. Revive your radiance with the Glacial Whitening Cream formulated with Vitamin C. This magical skin whitening cream is designed to prevent the appearance of visible pigmentation, while fighting the damaging effects of free radicals.

Who do we help? Skincare Without Borders

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, confident and have access to clear, wonderful feeling skin. We want YOU to feel powerful in your own skin. 

Not only is our team from all over the world, but Dr. Kingsley has traveled to the four corners of the earth to bring back the best ingredients to make your skin fabulous. Our planet is vast, and with so much to offer one would be limiting themselves if they were only concentrating on one area. 

We believe in gaining knowledge from experts everywhere and use the best of ideas from the leading dermatologists, chemists, biology researchers and naturalists worldwide. Setting us apart, we  have placed heavy emphasis on the advice received from the indigenous people of the Canadian rainforest. Can any single doctor claim to know everything? Impossible. But if you combine knowledge from eclectic sources and brilliant people, you can create magic.

Our products are available all over the world, no matter where you are. Every offering is safe for all skin types, and can be used daily. From the rainforest to the city, you can enjoy beautiful, clear skin with MKA by Dr. Kingsley. We courier worldwide, and everything that you need is available online, right here. 

Empowering Women Everywhere

MKA by Dr. Kingsley is dedicated to the empowerment of women everywhere. Our company is completely female owned and managed. We are so dedicated to our cause, in fact, that we give a portion of all profits to charities that support the advancement of women on multiple issues. We believe that you have to give back to society in order to improve our world.  

We never stop researching, improving

We believe in our products, and every one of us uses our products. This enables us to create skincare that is constantly evolving and getting better. As we discover new things that we love, we build them into our products. We are never, ever satisfied with the status quo.

For you, that means skincare that is constantly on the cutting edge of technology. When you indulge in our luxurious products, you can rest assured that you are getting the best of everything: science and nature, in-depth research, and improving the world we live in. All while getting the skin you have always dreamed of.