How Microbiome affects your skin

How Microbiome affects your skin

This company educates customers on the benefits of Canadian Glacial Clay which is present in every MKA by Dr. Kingsley product.

For many clinical and cosmetic practices worldwide, treatment and management of the skin microbiome has become a challenge since its discovery. The skin microbiome is a complex network of bacteria that affects the overall health of skin. A balanced microbiome gives the skin a healthy look and feel. Many people face the struggle of keeping a balanced skin microbiome and Chan Nanna Co., Ltd. knows this all too well. To help people maintain a balanced microbiome, the company launches its MKA by Dr. Kingsley skincare products.

One of MKA by Dr. Kingsley’s breakthrough skin products is its Revitalizing Glacial Clay Mask. Studies show that this glacial clay masks offers a significant antibacterial effect that guards the skin from harmful bacteria.

MKA by Dr. Kingsley’s Revitalizing Glacial Clay Mask offers microbiome biogenic healing for acne, rash, and skin irritation. It also has anti-aging properties and removes pollutant build-up on the skin. It helps heal, nourish, and hydrate skin, leaving it clear, supple, soft, and refreshed.

Canadian Glacial Clay is the main component of all MKA by Dr. Kingsley products. This type of clay is beneficial to the microbiome of the skin. People with skin conditions like acne or eczema have compromised microbiomes MKA by Dr. Kingsley helps balance the microbiome of the skin.

All MKA by Dr. Kingsley’s products are made from ingredients that do not contain parabens or alcohol. They are cruelty-free, non-toxic, and lab-tested safe for daily use. They are natural, eco-friendly products that are also LGBTQ+ friendly. The company uses recyclable materials for its packaging.

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About Chan Nanna Co., Ltd.

Chan Nanna Co., Ltd. is the distributor of MKA by Dr. Kingsley beauty products. MKA by Dr. Kingsley offers high-quality skincare solutions with Canadian Glacial Clay that protects the microbiome of the skin, giving it a healthy and radiant look. 

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